Lamp Lighters

Lamp LIghters_Final Logo
Lamp Lighters use evocative and emotive lyrics and beats to provide a light in the darkness. The formidable electronica sound is characterized heavy beats, deep bass, hard synths, engaging keys and cinematic pads, with soulful reflective vocals driving it forward. Lamp Lighters bring together the ambient and soulful elements of electronic music with energetic rhythms to produce a unique, modern and progressive sound.

Lamp Lighters grew up in a melting pot of cultures in inner city Bristol. This diversity provided a unique position from which for them to observe and reflect on life from many angles. This is evident in their passionate, emotive and political blend of electronica and hip-hop.

The debut single Four Walls is a metaphor for feeling hemmed by the life constraints and the need find space and feel a sense of freedom. Musically the song has a dark electronic atmosphere, giving the context of feeling trapped by circumstances, while the high synths contrast beautifully to offer glimmers of much needed hope.





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